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Improve transmission capacity, expand bandwidth, and use low-cost, cost-effective solutions to manage and operate the system, which is easy to operate and maintain.

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The working principle of OEO optical amplifier converter equipment is to use optical receiving modules with different receiving ranges, wavelengths and rates to convert the optical signals to be forwarded into electrical signals, and then modulate the electrical signals to optical transmitting modules with corresponding rates, wavelengths and powers, and finally Realize wavelength, mode conversion and power amplification between optical signals.

  • 100G OEO Amplifier

OEO application scope
Meet the needs of high-speed interconnection and transparent transmission in the metro optical network or optical access network;
Suitable for point-to-point transparent transmission in SAN, LAN, MAN, and applications where fiber resources are scarce;
It is suitable for the broadband network construction of telecom operators, enterprises, colleges and communities, especially the occasion of renting optical cables;
Provide multiple data and multiple rate interfaces to solve the problem of fiber optic resource shortage in various networks.

  • 25G OEO Amplifier

The OEO Amplifier lauched by HYD TECHNOLOGY Support optical power amplification of EPON and other lines, and transparent transmission of services
● Realize 3R signal regeneration and amplification by extracting the clock of the signal
● Effectively extend PON transmission distance over 60KM
● Support multiple networking methods such as serial connection and parallel connection of multiple amplifiers

  • 2.5G OEO Amplifier

The OEO Amplifier made by HYD TECHNOLOGY

● All optical interfaces are pluggable and reusable, reducing spare parts investment

● The single board supports 2 channels of unidirectional 155M-10G services or 1 channel of bidirectional 155M-10G services,

● With ALS function, prolong the service life of the laser and avoid the damage caused by laser leakage

● Modular design, functional boards can be mixed in three platforms, flexible configuration, good scalability

● Support SDH/SONET services of various rate levels and optical amplification of POS, GE, 10GE, 40GE and other services, adapting to any scene.

  • 10G OEO XFP Amplifier

3R function: Adaptive mode supports multi-rate 3R function: re-amplifying (Re-amplifying), re-timing (Retiming), re-shaping (Re-shaping)
Wavelength conversion function: conversion between non-specific wavelengths of 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm bands and DWDM wavelengths
Fiber media conversion function: Mutual conversion between single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber
Supported service type: standard SDH service: STM-N (N=1, 4, 16, 64, 256), Ethernet service: FE, GE, 10GE, 40GE
Network management function: support CLI, Telnet, SNMP, Web and other network management
HTBF: >100,000 hours

  • 10G OEO SFP+ Amplifier

The OEO Amplifier lauched by HYD TECHNOLOGY ,supports relay amplification anywhere in the network

Supports cascading of multiple amplifiers

Support 1:64 network extension
Compatible with OLT and ONU devices from different manufacturers

Support business transparent transmission Support 1550 and 1620nm wavelength jumping
Support the longest distance greater than 60km

OEO Amplifier Solutions and Successful Cases

OEO relay equipment is a kind of optical transmission equipment used in the optical transmission process, based on the photoelectric-optical working principle, to realize optical signal re-amplification and shaping, and to convert wavelength and mode.

 It can effectively save fiber resources and networking costs, and solve the problem of excessive fiber distance.



Multiplexing, saving fiber resources
Wavelength conversion to extend the transmission distance
Support 1.25G/2.5G/10G rate
Support transmission>40Km
4-wave two-way or 8-wave one-way
Support OADM function

OEO Optical Amplifier

1, single-multimode conversion, reversible;
2, two-way relay;
3. Wavelength conversion: (1) multiplexing and demultiplexing to improve the communication capacity of the optical fiber; (2) converting to wavelengths that can be amplified by EDFA to extend the communication distance;
4. One-way network monitoring (regeneration amplification);
5, Application in video surveillance

OEO Optical Amplifier2

Optical-Electric-Optical Simple waveform reconstruction and reshaping,
It is called 2R, and if retiming is added, it is 3R technology .

2R, 3R concept
The optical signal is converted into an electrical signal, and the signal waveform is extracted according to the decision rule, and then reconstructed and reshaped, that is, Regenerating and Reshaping are 2R;
On the basis of the above, the time factor is extracted again, and Retiming is 3R.

The OEO amplifier converter is a compact and low-power optical transmission system. It uses the principle of optical-electrical-optical conversion to regenerate optical signals, which can realize optical signal regeneration amplification and wavelength conversion, and cooperate with coarse/dense wavelength division multiplexing. 

Using (C/DWDM) multiplexer and demultiplexer can realize wavelength division multiplexing transmission.
It can quickly increase the communication capacity and expand the bandwidth on the basis of the existing network, and at the same time use a low-cost, high-performance solution to manage and operate the system, which is easy to operate and maintain.

OEO optical amplifier converter is mainly used in occasions
1) To meet the needs of high-speed interconnection and transparent transmission in the metropolitan optical network or optical access network:
2) 850nm1310nm and 1550nm wavelength conversion, with EDFA optical amplification and dispersion management, to extend the transmission distance
3) Suitable for point-to-point transparent transmission in SANLANMAN and applications where fiber resources are scarce
4) It is suitable for the broadband network construction of telecom operators, enterprises, colleges and communities, especially for the occasion of renting optical cables
5) Provide multiple data and multiple rate interfaces to solve the problem of fiber optic resource shortage in various networks.

Second, OEO Amplification Converter Technology Description

1) Transparent transmission of optical signals including 155MGE, 2.5G SONET/SDH, 10G POS, 10G Ethernet, 10G SONET/SDH and other protocols, the rate is in the range of 100Mb/s-11.3Gb/s
2) It is suitable for the application of metropolitan area systems based on various rates, and the bearer signals are STM-1/4/16/64, Gigabit/10 Gigabit Ethernet, and other occasions that require high-speed interconnection and transparent transmission requirements:
3) Good scalability: the system can be expanded to unidirectional 32 waves (2.5G rate, OEO mode) or bidirectional 16 pairs of services
4) Various networking methods: point-to-point, chain, point-to-multipoint networking methods:
5) Open structure, able to interconnect and intercommunicate with equipment from various manufacturers:
6) 2R function or 3R function, good dispersion management function:
7) Optional network management function, providing SNMP and Telnet management interface:
8) Dual power supply redundant backup, AC or DC optional:

Third, 1U rack-mounted OEO amplifier

A: Function description
The height of the chassis is 1U, and it can support up to 6 channels of EO conversion, and a chassis can realize up to 6 channels of signal access at the same time. 

The communication isolation technology is used to completely separate the system power supply from the interface conversion card, which ensures the reliability of the entire system. The main features are:
1) The 19-inch 1U standard machine frame adopts the principle of thermal air convection, and the heat dissipation performance of the machine frame is excellent.
2) Support up to 6 channels of 10G OEO optical conversion function
3) Two power supply board modules, supporting mutual hot backup of two power supply units.
4) Comply with carrier-class operation requirements, with an average trouble-free working time of more than 200,000 hours 3.210G
B: OEO Converter Card Description
The main function of the OEO conversion card is to convert the input low-power optical signal (such as 1310nm wavelength optical signal, the minimum is -18dBm) into a higher power 1550nm optical signal (greater than -3 dBm, supporting 40 kilometers of optical fiber transmission).

C: Appearance and dosage of equipment
The standard configuration of the equipment is: the panel has 2 FC/PC optical flanges, which can provide 2-way unidirectional 10G 0E0 service interfaces. According to the requirements of use, the panel flange can be replaced with SC optical interface, and the service indicator lights use 4-6.

In addition, for ease of use and integration, the optical multiplexer and optical demultiplexer MUX/DEMUX can also be built into the 1U device. The optical connection of the panel only has the user interface and the total input/output interface, and the device integration is higher.

The user-side optical interface of the 10G OEO optical amplifier can also use a 10G XFP optical module. The user optical interface supports hot-swappable upgrade and replacement. 

The XFP optical module supports optical protocols such as 10G POS and SDHETHERNET, and the data transmission rate ranges from 9.953 to 11.3Gbps.

In this way, the upgrade and replacement of the user’s optical interface does not require replacement of equipment or power-off operations, and the appropriate XFP optical module (single-mode, multi-mode, normal sensitivity or high sensitivity) can be replaced online.

D: Description of panel and indicator light

The TX and RX port hardware of the 10G optical module is set to normally open, and the indicator light is always green. The CONSOLE port is the management interface, and the LAN port is the SNMP network management interface.

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2U rack GE/2.5G/10G OEO amplifer by HYD TECHNOLOGY  is a 2U fiber optic transceiver system with centralized management.
The entire rack can be inserted with 16 optical conversion modules and 1 network management module (network management card, optional). Each module can be used independently, and different types of modules can be inserted into the same rack to work at the same time.
The rack uses communication isolation technology to completely separate the system power supply from the transceiver module, ensuring the reliability and stability of the entire system.

Through the output interface of the doped fiber, the amplified signal can be transmitted to the next fiber link or receiver.

OEO Optical Amplifier from HYD TECHNOLOGY Support any SFP optical module below 2.5G rate

Our OEO optical amplifier relay transmission distance: 10~120KM or more.


The main function of the 0EO conversion card is to convert the input low-power optical signal (such as 1310nm wavelength optical signal) into a higher power optical signal of the same wavelength or other wavelengths (greater than – dBm, the maximum support for 20 kilometers of optical fiber transmission) is suitable for 100M, 622M 125G 2.5G rate.

Use an optical power meter to test the power value of the optical signal to be input, and be careful not to exceed the input threshold of the OEO optical amplifier. If the input optical signal power is too large, it needs to be used together with an optical attenuator.

Our OEO optical amplifier supports network management functions: supports SNMP-based network management, and supports CLI, WEB, TELNET and other network management methods.

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