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HYD Technology is a leading company specializing in optical communication solutions.
We provide a diverse selection of top-notch products and services for optical transmission. Our offerings include optical transceivers,EDFA , OTN system ,SDH device ,WDM systems, amplifiers, DCI box and other essential components to meet your communication business needs.

Well ,we serve a wide range of industries, for example : telecommunications, data centers, enterprise networks, government agencies, education, healthcare, and more.

We provide a comprehensive range of optical communication products, including  DWDM/CWDM Platform ,DCI/OTN Platform,DCI Integrated System,Optical Amplifier System,Optical Protection System,5G Fronthaul  WDM System, Aggregation & Distribution System,Dispersion Compensation,Passive WDM & Components  ,and Optical transceivers

Absolutely! We understand that different customers have unique needs.
Please just let us know your projects demands and we will provide you soluction with quotation ,with free of charge .

At HYD Technology, quality is of utmost importance to us.
We have implemented a robust quality management system that guides our every step in the production process.
From start to finish, we conduct meticulous testing to maintain stringent quality control standards. This dedication allows us to deliver products that consistently perform exceptionally well and provide the utmost reliability for our customers.

HYD TECHNOLOGY team is always here to assist you with any questions, technical concerns, or post-purchase assistance you may need .just make sure your projects goes smoothly .
We strive to ensure your satisfaction and a smooth experience throughout your journey with our products.

Absolutely! We have designed our products to work seamlessly with industry-standard equipment.

You can trust that our products will integrate smoothly into your existing network and infrastructure, making it easy to incorporate them into your setup without any compatibility issues.

Yes, and we provide you spare parts with free of charges for some devices .

Please write to us – our sales team through our email, or whatsapp or give us a call .
Meanwhile ,please provide the necessary details about your requirements, and our sales representatives will assist you promptly.

For more information about HYD Technology and our product offerings, please visit our official website. You can explore detailed product specifications, datasheets, and other relevant information. Additionally, you can contact our sales team for personalized assistance or specific product inquiries.

We accept T/T, L/C and Paypal. T/T is preferable .

We will check for you when you place order .

Yes, we provide tracking information for all shipped orders.

YES .that’s what we are doing .

ISO9001, CE, ROHS, and so on.

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