10G OEO SFP+ Amplifier

Product Overview

HYD Technology has designed an amplification device used in fiber optic transmission named 10G SFP + OEO that helps to gain optical signals in the network while they are being transmitted and also compensates for the attenuation of these signals. It is done to ensure smooth long-distance transmission.

It is an optical fiber converter that is also transparent and uses OEO technology to regenerate, shape, and amplify signals while they are being transmitted optically. This device may help save fiber resources and the cost of networking.

OEO amplifiers are very commonly used in networks like MAN, SAN, and LAN since they efficiently convert wavelengths and signal amplification. Moreover, they can effectively be used in the network links like SDH, OTN, Ethernet, etc.

The OEO amplifier by HYD Technology is a perfect replacement for optical power amplifiers. They resolve the problem of fiber transmission and achieve the desired integration of different kinds of fibers and network equipment like ODM, EDFA, etc.

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