10G OEO XFP Amplifier

Product Overview

HYD Technology has designed an optical amplifier under the label of 10G XFP, which is an OEO optical amplifier, and it is suitable for gaining optical signals in optical fiber links.

This amplifier leads to compensate for the attenuation needed for the optical signals in the process of transmission. This amplifier increases the distance of the non-relay transmission and leads to long-distance optical fiber links in the method of transmission.

It uses the technology of OEO to convert the protocol and the rate in a transparent optical fiber. The OEO technology leads to the shaping, amplification, and regeneration of the signals in the optical transmission process. It allows for saving the cost and resources used over fiber transmissions.

Such amplifiers are widely used in different networks for their excellent mode conversion and wavelength; networks like LAN, SAN, and MAN use these devices very efficiently. Apart from this, many network links like SDH, OTN, and fiber channels are compatible with the OEO technology.

The OEO optical amplifiers can replace the optical power amplifiers. This leads to resolving the fiber transmission issues by extending the wavelength and converting the mode of the fiber link. This amplifier can quickly achieve excellent integration and works with network equipment like ODM, DWDM, EDFA, etc.

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