25G OEO Amplifier

Product Overview

HYD Technology’s optical amplifier 25G OEO is a very efficient device that helps gain optical signals during transmission in optical fiber links. This leads to the attenuation of these signals when they are transmitted. The idea of having this device will provide a non-relay transmission, and this helps achieve transmission over a longer distance. 

The services can be amplified with the protocol rate ranging between 1.25Gbit/s to 25.78Gbit/s. This device amplifies signals and simultaneously reshapes and regenerates them as a converter to save costs and resources on networking. The OEO amplifier carries out the optical function in multiple networks like LAN, WAN, and MAN by converting the modes and wavelengths. 

This OEO amplifier from HYD Technology is an excellent replacement for optical power amplifiers. It also resolves the problems of resources and loss of fiber in the transmission line. However, it helps exceed the wavelength and mode conversion to facilitate more extended distance coverage. It is compatible with multiple network equipment like ODM, EDFA, DWDM, etc.

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