Professional Optical Networking Company in China Focus On Optical Network Solution
Providing high-quality optical equipments and advanced solutions, HYD TECHNOLOGY is a professional provider of optical network solutions
Professional Optical Networking Company in China Focus On Optical Network Solution
Providing high-quality optical equipments and advanced solutions, HYD TECHNOLOGY is a professional provider of optical network solutions

Who We Are

Leading Optical Network Solution Supplier

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  • Advanced optical communication technology, updated optical transport equipment and optimized management system to support your optical communication project.
  • Aim to build an intelligent, flexible, easy-to-use, reliable, and open optical transport network to meet the diversified needs of customer scenarios and services.
  • Our Service Includes : ODM , OEM ,OBM , Technology Supporting ,Solution Providing .

What You Can Get From Us

OTN Equipment /OTN Devices ,DCI BOX , CWDM/DWDM Platform , Dispersion Compensation Module ,Optical Transceiver  ,Optical Monitoring ,EDFA Optical Amplifier ,Integrated Transmission Systems ,Raman amplifier ,Passive WDM Equipment ,SOA Amplifier ,and Etc .

You can count on our reliable and high-performance optical transport equipment /devices to optimize your data transmission, save costs, and ensure a seamless and efficient networking experience.

Solutions For Your Needs

DWDM Solution

OTN Solutions

Long Haul Transmission

Point to point Transmission

Data Center Interconnect Solutions

GPON Solutions

For your Data Center , CDN Solution ,Bank Solution ,Power Center , Radio and Television Solution  ,and etc ,Just let us know your needs .

More About Your Optical Networking Company Parter in China


HYD TECHNOLOGY was established in 2008,is one of the top 10 optical networking companies in China , mainly basing on optical communication technology, focusing on the field of optical fiber broadband access, and committed to the integration of optical fiber technology, Ethernet technology and broadband access technology.

Since its establishment, HYD TECHNOLOGY has been driven by advanced optical communication technology and high-quality services, and has developed rapidly for many years, actively and deeply participating in the information construction of various industries.


HYD TECHNOLOGY has become a major optical communication supplier of broadband fiber optic network access equipment and integrated access solutions in China and other countries in the world.

After several years of hard work, we adhere to the road of scientific and technological innovation, keenly grasp the development trend of the communication industry, and at the same time continuously meet the needs of customers’ business.

HYD TECHNOLOGY puts the development of talent strategy in the first place, pays attention to the cultivation of talents, and now has a technical expert and R & D team who have been engaged in optical communication technology and optical networking solution for many years.

HYD TECHNOLOGY has been able to provide many partners with advanced optical communication technology and  in terms of optical fiber transmission, communication access, network management platform, information security and private network communication.


So far, HYD TECHNOLOGY as a top optical networking company who has undertaken many provincial and municipal key communication projects in China , including China telecommunications, China mobile, China Unicom, China network information security and national defense construction, IDC/ISP, data center, radio and television, electric power, transportation, finance, education, enterprise and energy , and we received quite high evaluations.

Indeed, HYD TECHNOLOGY’s optical transport equipments have made their mark on the global stage too ,our products have been reaching to many countries across the world.


Our commitment to provide high-quality optical networking products and cutting-edge solutions has allowed HYD TECHNOLOGY  to establish strong partnerships with our clients.

HYD TECHNOLOGY customers From North America to Europe, Asia to Africa,we have enabled seamless data communication and connectivity for different businesses and projects in most of the countries .

Please feel free to talk to us at any time for any inqury .thank you !

What Our Customers Say

Why Choose Us

Rich Experiencev in Optical Communication System Building

With Over 15 years of deep cultivation in the optical communication industry ,we have panded a successful track record, HYD Technology is a trusted provider of fiber optic transmission and access solution .

Latest Optical Communication Technology

HYD TECHNOLOGY Develop and design products according to your market and your user needs, we continuously introduce updated Optical Transport Equipment

with superior performance and strong price competitiveness ,for example :

DCI BOX, CWDM/DWDM wavelength division system, 100G/200G wavelength division transmission equipment, OTN optical transmission equipment, optical amplification system , Optical protection system and other optical communication products .

Our technical solutions have conducted in-depth research, accumulated a lot of valuable experience,a large number of stable  Optical devices are operating perfectly on network trunk communication  line around the world.

Offer You Local operation and maintenance services

HYD TECHNOLOGY has established its own after-sale maintenance team and training team in many countries , which is helpful to support you in operation problem or technical problem .

Spare Parts Support

We have set up overseas warehouses for our optical modules spare parts ,it’s mainly to speed up the logistics timeliness, so that you can replace spare parts and solve any networking problems in a shorter time.

Premium Fiber Optic Transmission Products

Our products are widely used in backbone network, metropolitan area network, access network, wireless communication, data center, IDC/ISP, Icloud, enterprise network and power network and more .

Our product range includes premium quality optical fiber transmission and access equipment that meets the highest industry standards and it’s always exceeds our customers’ expectations.

Well–Reputed in Optical Communication Technology

HYD Technology is well reputed in the optical Ccommunication industry, with a global presence and a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions that meet our customers’ needs.

We have an outstanding team and a team of over 20years expereience engineers to work on your project ,updated technology is an important weapon to support HYD TECHNOLOGY high reputation .

HYD TECHNOLOGY’s domestic customer market includes China Telecom, China Mobile operators,China Internet and electric power companies  and more.

Our optical networking equipments have been exported to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Latin America and other countries.

Specialize in developing, designing, manufacturing and selling

HYD TECHNOLOGY technicians work like this :to understand your needs clearly and work according to you existing network conditions and business needs, combined with the characteristics and advantages of our own products ,and then propose a networking solution with reliable performance, high cost performance and low cost .Always in this way ,our solution and service satisfied customers’ needs for their network security and stability.

Welcome OEM & ODM

HYD TECHNOLOGY serves as a flexible optical transmission equipment supplier to meet your project needs, we are able to provide solutions for various optical transmission products to meet changing market demands, and we will operate our in-house facilities to complete your OEM/ODM project.

Strict Quality Control

HYD TECHNOLOGY has an experienced professional inspection team, from optical components, circuit boards, optical devices to equipment debugging, environmental testing, aging, all finished products will undergo strict inspection before packing, we have a clear procedure to record the quality control status .Every detail and step has a strict requirements to ensure that each device is quality-assured when it leaves from our workshop .

We do more for you before delivery

Before shipment, we will provide the video and picture for your reference. Every optical networking equipment and device and parameter index requirements are made in accordance with the requirements of the project contract, so that you can rest assured of our products and service.

HYD TECHNOLGY always consider you from the standpoint of all questions that you may ask .

Fast Shipping

We are dedicated to providing fast and reliable shipping to our customers, ensuring that they receive their orders in a timely and efficient manner.

No-profit transportation service and no-damage guarantee for products

HYD TECHNOLOGY has been considering how to provide better service for our valued customers, according to different customers from different countries, by comparing the shipping costs of different shipping methods, we will provide our customers with different shipping suggestions :(express, air, sea or Land transportation), any freight quotation is from our cooperative freight forwarder, there is no profit, and your valuable equipment will be taken care of and will not be damaged by impact.

If you are importing from China for the first time, we will help estimate the cost, including freight and Taxes to give you a better idea of import costs.

After-sale maintenance

HYD TECHNOLOGY has a team of after-sales experts to deal with any of your problems, 24 hours × 7 days online service

HYD TECHNOLOGY puts the your needs in the first place, customer-oriented is our mission, we always provide you with high-quality optical networking products and souctions.

Welcome new and old customers from different business to contact us ,to improve ,to study from each other ,and more better business 

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Professional R&D Team

Participate in Industry Technology Forum, our technology to keep pace with the times

Production time

We will update our production status to you day by day


All equipment will be inspected properly and the software too ,we will support you

Fast Shipping

By courier ,by air or by land ,or by sea ,or your preferred shipping method

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