2.5G OEO Amplifier

Product Overview

The 2.5G OEO optical amplifier is an equipment designed by HYD Technology to gain optical signals within the optical fiber links. This form of amplification allows the compensation of attenuation of the optical signals during the transmission process. 

It increases the non-relay transmission distance within the link and allows the long-distance optical fiber link for transmission purposes. This device is a converter for the rate transparent optical fiber and protocol, which uses the OEO technology to amplify, regenerate and shape the optical signals during transmission.

This device will help in various ways, like saving the cost of networking and fiber resources. Moreover, these amplifiers are commonly used in networks like MAN, LAN, and SAN because of the wavelength and conversion functions for the different modes they offer. Multiple network links like SDHm OTN and Ethernet are also used.

The OEO optical amplifiers from HYD Technology will resolve the issues within the fiber transmission. They can easily convert the wavelength as well as the mode of the fiber link to provide excellent integration with different fibers. It also works well with other equipment like ODM, DCM, DWDM, etc., and provides a complete optical network transmission setup.

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