Traffic Convergence and Distribution Equipment

Application 1: IDC Solution

IDC TAP is used in the scenario of IDC business, and it offers a platform that integrates and processes data. It is used in the egress area of IDC, and with the original network, it is connected using a bypass deployment. It helps integrate functions like filtering of traffic, homologous homology, and balancing of load and also offers safe and efficient data for the business systems at the back end.

It is based on the architecture, an orthogonal platform with a large-scale application density offering superior performance in the market for mainstream solutions. It provides many competitive solutions for the IDC and is currently deployed as the best choice in IDC scenarios. 

Application 2: MAN Solution

TAP platform is popularly used in the metropolitan area network business aspect and helps integrate the data using a parallel connection. It offers the maintenance and operation system with the rule delivery server, which manages and maintains orthogonal platform support.

It also supports 31 kinds of quintuple, which consist of floating and other forms of matching, stream management, and meeting complex application needs. The architecture of this module offers superior performance and helps reduce the flow of data back to the business stream, hence improving the program’s advantages. It is widely deployed in metropolitan area network scenarios. 

Application 3: Mobile Network Solution

The unified 4G Tap system offers integrated data connection and is a processing platform for all the mobile network solutions for a business. It helps analyze and restore the signals, offers user data association marketing, and helps distribute and filter functions. 

It caters to multiple complex applications and carries out a high-density mobile network. It has a high-performance association with users and an NPS+X86 solution that helps process and collect data. 

In applications requiring a larger scale of high density, this module offers excellent performance. Also, it provides forming large capacity solutions that are flexible and dance. It is deployed in network environment-based applications. 

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