TAP Equipment

Product Overview

This TAP equipment by HYD Technology offers a visualization of the main network. This device offers the processing and output to access the signals, providing a detailed solution of the different scenarios for different applications. 

Scenarios like IDCs, MAN, and mobile networks are all a part of these. It helps in building a customized platform that integrates the access and carries out the processing as well as forwards of the complex application requirements, and this includes filtering, which is ultra high, and analysis of mobile networks, which comprises high-density, etc.

HYD Technology’s TAP equipment has improved the product, and previously it was used as the ATCA architecture. However, with the OCP design concert, it has become easier to adopt the backless design and have it equipped with the network processor, which is the latest and offers an ultra-high capacity with a switch chip.

If this equipment has been compared with the ATCA architecture that was traditionally used, there is a doubled increment of the computing power, switching capacity, and interference density. This board, with a single process, can process 800 Gbps.

HYD Technology TAP equipment offers full access support and forwarding of data on the different parts, like 10G POS.WAN, 25GE, 100GE, etc., can be packet processing blades and processing blades for the computing service, management blade exchange, and fan board.

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