SFP Transceiver Module

Product Overview

HYD Technology offers SFP optical modules that provide fiber channel, SONET, SDH, and Ethernet options in terms of designs followed by hot plugging support and also help to work in collaboration with the interfaces that are industry standards. These optical transceivers are bound to use lasers of high reliability and offer APD and PIN receivers. 

It is programmed to support many functions like an interface for alarm and monitoring failure in transmission, data loss, or laser shutdown. It also uses a 3.3V single power supply, resulting in lower energy consumption.

This transceiver module also offers to transmit and receive optical power, laser bias current, voltage for power supply, etc. it complies with IEEE802.3, SFP MSA, and EEC RoHS 2002/95/EC standards.

They offer a speed of 155Mbps, 1.0625 Gbps, 622 Mbps, and 1.25 Gbps. Hence, they are well suited for firewalls, switches, and routers and can be used in industries like the military, data centers, telecommunication, and security.

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