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OLP Company China – Get Your Optical Line Protection Done Right!

OLP is one of the fundamental aspects of a fiber optic network, and when it comes to choosing it, you may get a lot of protection for your fiber optic network. If you are looking for the most suitable company in China to get a hold of OLP services, you are at the right place.


Below, you will explore HYD Technology, one of the leading names in China’s fiber optic industry of China, and if you have some questions, you will get an answer to these as well.


So, let’s read below.


1.      What is Optical Line Protection (OLP), and why is it essential for businesses?

Ans. The OLP system offers fault tolerance and redundancy in optical fiber communication links. OLP consists of using two or more two paths; one path is a working path, and the other a protection path. If there is a failure on the working path, the traffic can be shifted to the protection path without causing disruption.


The significance of OLP for businesses cannot be denied, and some of the ways it is essential for businesses are as follows:


  • Businesses these days are highly dependent on the data network. In downtime, there could be monetary loss in sectors like cloud services, financial services, and e-commerce. OLP ensures that the service continues consistently in case of a fiber cut or equipment failure.
  • Optical fiber networks are vulnerable to physical damage, signal degradation, and even equipment failure; the OLP mechanism automatically detects the faults and helps minimize the impact of faults on business operations.
  • OLP ensures consistency in the network and protects the transmitted data.

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Figure 1: Significance of OLP

2.      How does HYD Technology’s OLP solution work to ensure network reliability?

Ans. The working mechanism of OLP offered by HYD Technology is carried out in the following way.

  • OLP comprises two paths: the working path and the protection path; the working path primarily carries the data traffic, and the protection path is there as a backup.
  • OLP devices consist of optical switches, which monitor the working path; in case of fault detection, the optical switch immediately redirects the data traffic to the protection path.
  • OLP offered by HYDTechnology is equipped with automated mechanisms that detect faults and identify issues in the working path; when the fault is detected, the switching process occurs.
  • It is essential to ensure that the switching process is fast; there is no time to waste, and hence, HYDTechnology implements fast switching, which immediately diverts traffic to the protection path in less than milliseconds.
  • OLP solutions offered by HYD Technology are scalable. They are equipped with sufficient ability to adapt to the changes without altering the entire infrastructure in case of growth.

3.      What industries or types of businesses can benefit the most from OLP solutions?

Ans. OLP solutions are opted for by various industries and multiple businesses to make the most of networking, and some of the industries that rely on OLP solutions are as follows:

  • Telecommunication companies, including ISPs, landline service providers, and mobile network providers, highly depend on OLP solutions for uninterrupted service provision.
  • Data centers host applications on behalf of numerous businesses, and they comprise cloud applications too; hence, they need a consistent provision of the network using OLP.
  • Financial institutions need a low latency and highly reliable network for processing transactions and data security; OLP helps with network outages and has serious financial implications.
  • The healthcare sector is highly dependent on the OLP for accessibility of patient records and medical imaging, which they might want to share.

Educational industries, government sectors, aviation, and others rely on OLP solutions for a consistent network.

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Figure 2: Applications of OLP

4.      Can HYD Technology provide a tailored OLP solution for my network needs?

Ans. Yes, HYDTechnology provides a customized OLP solution to meet your business-specific needs. You can contact their team and let them know about the nature of your business and what you expect from them regarding OLP solutions. They will provide a tailored solution to boost your business growth with a reliable and secure network.

5.      What are the key features and functionalities of HYD Technology’s OLP system?

Ans. The OLP system of HYD Technology offers the following functionality and features:

  • OLP is equipped with two paths: one is the primary path, known as the working path, and the other is a backup path, known as the protection path, to ensure that there is no downtime.
  • The OLP system offered by HYD Technology is equipped with optical switches that automatically switch the traffic from the working to the protection path in case of any failure or fault.
  • OLP consists of various mechanisms for fault detection offered by HYD Technology, and it comprises monitoring optical power so that the issues in the working path can be identified.
  • The OLP system of HYD Technologyalso takes into consideration the security measures needed to protect data, followed by fast switching that causes a change of traffic path in a fraction of a second.

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Figure 3: Features of OLP

6.      How quickly can an OLP system be implemented for a business of my size?

Ans. The implementation of the OLP system will depend on many factors. This comprises the following considerations:

  • The complexity and size are key factors to consider when implementing the OLP system. If the network is large and complex, it will take more time to design and configure than a smaller one.
  • If your business is already equipped with a network infrastructure, then the integration of OLP is faster than when you don’t have it in the first place.
  • The level of customization you have asked for in your OTP will also play a role in the time taken by the OLP system and needs to be considered; where more customization is required, the time taken for implementing OTP will be more.

7.      Is training and support available for our network administrators during the OLP implementation?

Ans. Yes, HYD Technology offers support and training for the network administrators when the OLP system is implemented. They provide you with detailed training, including the system’s installation, operation, and configuration.


However, in case of any technical issue, you can also get hands-on technical support services and make the most of the user manuals that are provided with the equipment.

8.      How does OLP enhance our services’ network redundancy and availability?

Ans. The OLP enhances the availability of the services and redundancy in the following ways:

  • The OLP system has two paths: one is the primary working path, and one is the protection path. The network isn’t disrupted because of the backup present to handle the event of a fault in the entire data traffic.
  • OLP systems also keep monitoring the working path and hence automatically detect the faults, which helps fast switching on the protection path.
  • In case of fault, the system will automatically switch the path in no time; there won’t be any manual intervention needed.
  • The data integrity is maintained because without data loss, the traffic continues, and the users do not even realize that traffic switching has occurred.

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Figure 4: Enhancement of Network by OLP

9.      What security measures are in place to protect sensitive data over the network with OLP?

Ans. Different security measures help protect the data over the network with OLP, and some of these ways are as follows:

  • The use of encryption protocols helps to keep the data secure in transit, and it ensures that during transmission, it remains confidential.
  • Access controls are implemented, which ensures that sensitive data is protected from unauthorized use, and this consists of using strong passwords.
  • OLP deploys firewalls and monitors network traffic, detecting suspicious activities and even blocking potential threats.
  • The network is segregated into different segments so the attacker’s attempt can be limited in case of any breach.

10. Can I customize the OLP system to meet our network and infrastructure requirements?

Ans. Yes, you can have a customized OLP solution from HYD Technology that will meet your specific requirements for the network. These solutions are designed with a lot of flexibility to adapt quickly to the organization’s requirements.


The customization level may vary depending on your chosen options, like redundancy configurations, scaling the network, monitoring the data, etc.

OLP Company

Figure 5: Customization of OLP

11. How does the pricing structure work for OLP services, and are there any hidden costs?

Ans. The price structure of the OLP services will vary depending on many factors like the features you have asked for customization, the size of your network, the complexity of your network, etc.


Moreover, usually, there are no hidden costs, and understanding the costs that impact the entire pricing is essential. Below is a breakup of the expected costs that may form a part of the pricing structure.

  • The subscription or license fee is either monthly or annually, and this varies depending on the network paths and bandwidth your network will have.
  • The equipment cost also forms an important part of the OLP pricing, and it even varies based on the size and complexity of the network.
  • The entire system needs professionals to install and configure; hence, installation costs will also be added.
  • OLP services are also equipped with maintenance and support, and based on the agreement duration, the maintenance cost is even incurred.
  • If you have added any customized features or operations, you will have to pay for them separately.

12. Can HYD Technology accommodate businesses with a global network presence or multiple locations?

Ans. HYD Technology has a versatile and wide network, so it offers OLP solutions to many locations. However, to inquire about whether or not they cater to your geographical location, you must contact their sales representative and let them know about your location for them to assess whether the provision of services is possible.

13. What sets HYD Technology’s OLP solution apart from other OLP providers regarding performance and reliability?

Ans. The aspects that set HYD Technology’s OLP solutions apart from the other providers of the OLP comprise performance and reliability, as these are the most important factors that play a significant role in any network.


They ensure fast switching between the networks, help in detecting faults, and also help to have OLP solutions that are scalable enough to meet the growing demand in the future.

14. Can we integrate third-party network management tools or platforms with HYD Technology’s OLP system?

Ans. You will need to consider some factors to integrate a third-party network management tool with HYD Technology’s OLP system. It is essential to consider factors like the availability of APIs, compatibility, and system flexibility.


Most OLP solutions are equipped with standard protocols that help integrate with third-party tools. However, it provides for a comprehensive network in case more applications are required to be integrated, and relevant costs must also be assessed.

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Figure 6: Integrating third party applications

15. What kind of support and maintenance can we expect after implementing OLP solutions?

Ans. Once the OLP system is implemented, you can always be assured of the constant support and maintenance service. This will comprise technical assistance during any issues you may encounter or any troubleshooting that appears.


Moreover, as a part of maintenance, the software will be upgraded to ensure up-to-date performance and security. Furthermore, the service agreement mentions the other support and maintenance services you can expect depending on your customization and package selection.

OLP Company

Figure 7: Support and Maintenance

16. How do I get started with the process of integrating OLP solutions into our network infrastructure?

Ans. You can follow the below-suggested method for integrating the OLP solution into your network infrastructure.

  • First, assess your network requirements in terms of the size and complexity of the network infrastructure in place.
  • Choose a relevant service provider; HYD Technology is China’s leading OLP system provider, and you can consider them.
  • If you have any specific requirements you would like to incorporate in your OLP system, you can discuss that with the vendor and have it designed.
  • After the installation process of OLP is completed, make sure to carry out a test to ensure that the service works efficiently.
  • Keep a check on the system and ensure relevant updates are considered.

17. What kind of return on investment (ROI) can I expect from implementing an OLP system?

Ans. The ROI after implementing the OLP system can be significant, you can enjoy cost savings in terms of reduction in downtime, which helps to minimize the loss and also helps avoid any interruptions or loss of data. The improvement in the reliability of the network can ensure customer satisfaction, and hence, they rely on you for the services.

18. Can OLP company help with disaster recovery and data center resilience?

Ans. Yes, OLP plays a significant role in providing disaster recovery. There is no data loss since it immediately switches over to the backup fiber. Even if there are natural disasters, equipment failures, or other catastrophes, the data is available on the network.


OLP is not only responsible for the immediate switchover to the backup network but apart from this, it even helps to keep the data secure without any loss.

OLP Company

Figure 8: Disaster recovery through OLP

19. How does OLP impact our customers’ network performance and service quality?

Ans. OLP has significantly less impact on the network’s performance; it is focused on providing an alternative to the fault and keeps the connection consistent in case of any failure. The process of switching is very reliable, and hence, the users need to be more capable of realizing that there has been a switchover.


Hence, data transmission continues without interruption, and the quality of service is high. Hence, the downtime minimization and protection of data loss help improve the network’s reliability.

If you have any questions ,please contact with HYD TECHNOLOGY team ,thanks !


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