Network Management Platform

The HYD Technology, 1000 series products, ensure the significance of network management offered by every device. Hence, the network management mode provides in-band and out-of-band mode with optional choices.

It also supports the SNMP based on any of the two architectures like C/S or B/S. This includes graphical, remote, CLI, browser, and multiple other methods. Moreover, the management platform offers MIB library access from a third party.

Application 1:

It supports out-of-band network management where the electrical or optical signals from the network management are transmitted to the third-party network management center. This network could be DNN or DCN. Such support helps the realization of the mode of unified network management out-of-band.

Application 2:

Every single node from either network management or the business signal is transmitted to the central network management node by aggregating in a group. This is done with the help of an optical port of NMU. These signals are then converted into ethernet signals or are directly emitted to the network management center for monitoring.

This leads to the realization of a management mode in the in-band networking, which is unified, and also the optical port supports three channels in the in-band network.

Why Choose HYD Technology

Reliability and performance are core values at HYD Technology when it comes to optics and transceivers. Our dedicated team and specialized design methods ensure we uphold these values.

Innovative Equipment

HYD Technology's dedication to innovation enables us to incorporate high-speed silicon-based optical transceivers into our modules, revolutionizing the industry.

High Production Standards

We prioritize quality and reliability in every aspect of our products at HYD Technology. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our solutions offer an extended lifespan, surpassing industry standards.

Exclusive Services for Clients

At HYD Technology, we are committed to providing our clients with a solution that is tailored to their specific needs. Our design team takes into account their budget and requirements to deliver a customized solution.

Experienced and Professional Team

The expertise and experience of our engineering team have played a vital role in our success. Their ability to develop designs that effectively tackle fiber optic line issues enables our clients to overcome challenges seamlessly.

24/7 Customer Support

At HYD Technology, your satisfaction is paramount. Our dedicated team is available round the clock, providing continuous support even after your module purchase.

Consistent Research and Development

We are committed to finding better solutions at HYD Technology. Our team and research and development department actively seek out innovative ideas.

Inside HYD Technology’s Testing Lab

At HYD Technology, once a product is ready we ensure testing it before sending it to the client.

Hyd Technology Testing

Standardized Testing Procedures

Product testing is a crucial part of our manufacturing process at HYD Technology. We have established standardized testing procedures to verify the quality and performance of our products at various stages, ensuring their reliability.

Team of Testing Engineers

We have a dedicated team of engineers at HYD Technology who specialize in product testing. They employ diverse testing methods and utilize cutting-edge equipment to ensure the performance and durability of our products.

Exemplary Testing Equipment

We believe in delivering excellence through rigorous testing at HYD Technology. By investing in cutting-edge testing equipment, we can guarantee the quality and functionality of our optical and transceiver modules.

Comprehensive Methods and Items for Testing

At HYD Technology, we have established a robust testing process that involves meticulous evaluations at every step of manufacturing, ensuring the performance of our products.

Testing Capabilities of HYD Technology

HYD Technology offers testing capabilities based on its high-profile team, comprehensive testing procedures, and improved testing methods.

Wavelength and Power Testing​

Wavelength and Power Testing

optics and transceivers

Testing for Traffic

Testing for Optical Performance

Customer Success

At HYD Technology, we are committed to ensuring our clients receive optimal services keeping in mind the excellent quality deliverables, low-cost solutions, and satisfaction of customers.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We are dedicated to delivering value at HYD Technology. Regardless of a customer’s budget, we have solutions available and can customize them to fit their financial parameters.

Quality Assurance

Quality is the foundation of our products at HYD Technology. Even for our budget-friendly options, we maintain high standards and conduct thorough testing to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Our primary goal at HYD Technology is to ensure customer satisfaction. We maintain round-the-clock availability, offering dedicated support and assistance during every stage of designing and manufacturing their platform.

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