Integrated Transmission Systems

The products developed by HYD Technology are usually deployed in the backbone core later, meant for aggregation later, the metro core layer, data center interconnect, and access layer. 

These products are great for making the most of multiple services, fully equipped transparent transmission systems, and massive capacity to meet the operator’s needs.

The operators may require extra capacity and cover a very long distance. Such devices will offer a stable platform so that operators can operate multiple services and offer expansion and upgrade of future networks.

Application 1

The platform offers point-to-point networking and makes the best use of one- and two-core optical fiber resources that lead to multiple channels of optical fiber multiple times. This also ensures services based on Ethernet Video, OTN, SDH, etc., and these transmissions are achieved on either one or two-core optical fiber.

Application 2:

This platform also goes well with chain networking and offers a wavelength and optical add or drop multiplexing of different services carried out between every node to create a chain. This chain is a network in the metro optical communication offering an interconnection of different services like SONET, SDH, Ethernet, OTN, etc.

Application 3:

In the case of ring transmissions, the device could offer the wavelength division to move up or down in the different services. A ring network is created between every node, which is used for communication in metro optical. It also offers an interconnection between the nodes in one or two core fibers in the services like SAN, OTN, SDH, etc.

Why Choose HYD Technology

We prioritize the provision of reliable and performance-oriented optics and transceivers at HYD Technology. This is made possible by our dedicated team and the utilization of specialized design methods.

Innovative Equipment

By staying at the forefront of technological progress, HYD Technology introduces modules with high-speed silicon-based optical transceivers that redefine industry standards.

High Production Standards

At HYD Technology, we believe in offering products that not only demonstrate innovation but also have a longer lifespan. Our dedication to quality and reliability sets us apart from the competition.

Exclusive Services for Clients

Understanding the significance of cost-effectiveness, our design team at HYD Technology develops bespoke solutions that align with our clients' budget and requirements.

Experienced and Professional Team

Our team's knowledge and expertise are pivotal in our accomplishments. With their comprehensive training, our engineers create designs that effectively address and resolve all fiber optic line issues encountered by our clients.

24/7 Customer Support

With HYD Technology, you can expect a top-notch experience. Our support is accessible at all times, ensuring you receive assistance whenever necessary, even after purchasing the module.

Consistent Research and Development

Innovation is at the core of our approach at HYD Technology. Our team and research and development department are dedicated to finding innovative solutions.

Inside HYD Technology’s Testing Lab

At HYD Technology, once a product is ready we ensure testing it before sending it to the client.

Hyd Technology Testing

Standardized Testing Procedures

At HYD Technology, product testing is conducted throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and performance. Our standardized testing methods and protocols provide assurance that our products meet the highest standards.

Team of Testing Engineers

At HYD Technology, we understand the importance of rigorous testing. Our specialized team of engineers employs various testing methods and utilizes advanced equipment to ensure the quality of our products.

Exemplary Testing Equipment

We are dedicated to providing our clients with superior optical and transceiver modules at HYD Technology. Our investment in advanced testing equipment ensures that our products undergo thorough quality checks before reaching our customers.

Comprehensive Methods and Items for Testing

Quality is a top priority for us at HYD Technology, and our testing process reflects that. We conduct comprehensive evaluations at each manufacturing stage to maintain the highest standards.

Testing Capabilities of HYD Technology

HYD Technology offers testing capabilities based on its high-profile team, comprehensive testing procedures, and improved testing methods.

Wavelength and Power Testing​

Wavelength and Power Testing

optics and transceivers

Testing for Traffic

Testing for Optical Performance

Customer Success

At HYD Technology, we are committed to ensuring our clients receive optimal services keeping in mind the excellent quality deliverables, low-cost solutions, and satisfaction of customers.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We believe in affordability and accessibility at HYD Technology. Our product range is designed to accommodate customers with varying budgets and provide them with suitable options.

Quality Assurance

At HYD Technology, we understand the importance of quality, regardless of the price range. Our low-cost products are crafted with the same attention to detail and undergo rigorous testing to maintain our commitment to excellence.

Customer Satisfaction

At HYD Technology, we are passionate about customer satisfaction. Our team is always ready to provide the necessary guidance and support, ensuring a seamless experience from the initial design to the final manufacturing of their platform.

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