Integrated Transmission System​

Product Overview

HYD TECHNOLOGY offers an optical network system that consists of implementing new-generation technology. This optical network platform is backed with multiple characteristics like flexibility in configuration, component-oriented ports, and a user-friendly interface.

The devices we offer comprise a management interface that is SNMP based, either with C/S or B/S graphical architecture that helps in fault identifications very quickly. Such devices always save time and cost on maintenance. This system has applications in multiple areas, including cloud computing, security information, telecommunication, power, and many more.

This system is suitable for all-optical network applications that comprise LAN, MAN, national trunk lines, and many other essential networks. Customers who look forward to creating a long-distance network that is safe, reliable, and offers resistance against disaster would find this system quite suitable. 

The best part is that this system can offer multiple transmission signals, including multiplexed, multichannel, and all-transparent signal transmissions.

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