At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, HYD TECHNOLOGY ushered in the long-awaited good news.

        In December 2020, HYD TECHNOLOGY successfully passed the certification of high-tech enterprises after going through the procedures of expert review and publicity organized by relevant departments of Guangdong Province!

        Getting certified as a national high-tech enterprise is tough because it requires meeting strict standards and going through rigorous evaluation and approval procedures.

 The process is demanding to ensure that only companies with outstanding technological expertise and innovative contributions receive this special recognition.

HYD TECHNOLOGY’s successful passing of the high-tech enterprise certification this time is the affirmation of governments at all levels for our company’s scientific research capabilities and overall technical level And recognition is an incentive to our company.

HYD TECHNOLOGY will take this opportunity to make persistent efforts to further improve the ability of independent innovation, continuously strengthen R&D investment, improve technological innovation ability, improve service level, and give full play to the advantages and models of high-tech enterprises. Take the lead to promote the company’s better and faster development.

        In the new era and new environment, HYD TECHNOLOGY will continue to carry forward the spirit of tenacity and perseverance, brave hardships and dangers,forge ahead, and set sail again at a new starting point in 2021!

HYD TECHNOLOGY successfully passed the high-tech enterprise certification

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