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Top 10 Fiber Optic Products Supplier in China

One of the crucial products for every business regarding communication systems are fiber optic products. You have landed at the right place if you are also looking for fiber optic product suppliers in China.


The guide below features the top 10 picks operating in China and delivering the finest fiber optic products. So, if you need to know more about them before you place your orders, this guide could be your savior, so let’s read below.


1. Hone Optical Communications

Fiber Optic Products Supplier

  • Location:Chengdu, China
  • Year Founded:2002
  • Company Type:Optical Fiber Products Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products:Optical fibers and FTTH products and solutions


Hone Optical Communications began in 2002 and has been exploring optical fiber technology for the past decade. Initially, they started by providing their optical fiber products just in China, but lately, they have also been exporting their products to other countries.


Due to the massive demand for optical fiber products, they have been upgrading their equipment and exploring innovations to provide every client with the most cutting-edge communication means.


Hone Optical Communications is known to export its optical fiber products to more than 30 countries and has over 150 employees working on their 52-plus production lines. The product line of Hone Optical Communication comprises fiber drop cable, optical splitter, ODF, fiber termination box, and much more. They provide data center solutions, home networks, power

lines, FTTH, and FTTX networks.


2. HYDTechnology

Fiber Optic Products Supplier

  • Location:Guangzhou, China
  • Year Founded:2008
  • Company Type:Optical Fiber Products Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products:Optical fibers and FTTH products and solutions, optical amplifier systems, optical transceivers, etc.


HYDTechnology is a well-known name in China when looking for innovative and pioneer optical fiber product manufacturers. HYDTechnology came into being in the year 2008. Since then, it has been developing with leaps and bounds, featuring cutting-edge technology and seamless innovation methods that tend to come along.


The robust research and development systems, followed by extensive inbound and foreign sales, have made them among the top-ranking manufacturers of optical fiber products. They are known for their advanced fiber optic equipment and solutions and exemplary customer service.

Their production capacity is laid over an area of 2000 square meters and comprises two floors.


They look forward to coming up with new and improved optical transport solutions. The team of engineers at HYDTechnology is constantly in awe of learning more through training and seminars so that they may implement their learning into the new products developed by their company.


3. T&S

Fiber Optic Products Supplier

  • Location:Shenzhen, China
  • Year Founded:2000
  • Company Type:Optical Fiber Products Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products:Optical fibers, optical transceivers, fiber optic enclosures, WDMs, optical splitters.

T&S is a leading name among the fiber optic communication product manufacturers in China, and they also provide fiber optic solutions. They are dedicated to developing products that may cater to telecom networks, data centers, IoTs, and enterprise networks for multiple applications.


They have developed with leaps and bounds, exploring innovations and new technology followed by improved fiber optic infrastructure techniques for their clients. Their production capacity has increased over the years, and their clientele is also consistent due to their exemplary customer service and tailored solutions.


The fiber optic communication products they are known to manufacture and supply include fiber optic patch cords, WDM, MPO cables, PLC splitter, AOC, and patch panels. The company also developed FBG sensors for constructing military, traffic, and infrastructure.


4. Huihong Technologies

Fiber Optic Products Supplier

  • Location:Shenzhen, China
  • Year Founded:1995
  • Company Type:Optical Fiber Products Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products:Optical fibers, optical transceivers, fiber optic enclosures, DWDM, fiber optic connectors, etc.


Huihong Technologies Limited is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic products in China and has been operating since 1995 in Shenzhen in China. They are known for their quick delivery, exceptional services, and affordable pricing.


They are serving a wide client base locally and internationally, and to keep pace with the industry standards, they even invest in research and development followed by quality control practices.


They have established an excellent reputation in the fiber optic market because they have consistency in raw materials, a highly skilled workforce, and engineers who can develop communication and transmission products with high innovation and high quality.


5. Unitek Fiber

Fiber Optic Products Supplier

  • Location:Shenzhen, China
  • Company Type:Optical Fiber Products Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products:Optical fibers, optical transceivers, fiber optic adapters, fiber optic attenuators, fiber optic connectors etc.


Unitek Fiber is a renowned manufacturer of fiber optic products in China, and they consistently invest in research and development to bring about fiber optic products that are highly advanced. Unitek fibers, along with their fiber optic products, also offer fiber optic solutions, and their application is seen in 4G and 5G networks, the cloud computing industry, data centers, and many more industries.


They have been manufacturing and supplying fiber optic solutions for the past 15 years and have a great demand in many countries apart from China. They comprise a specialized team of engineers that is busy manufacturing the finest products used in fiber optics, and their sales team is always inclined to respond to their clients, ensuring excellent customer service.


6. Spring Shenzhen Optical Ltd

Fiber Optic Products Supplier

  • Location:Shenzhen, China
  • Year Founded: 2009
  • Company Type:Optical Fiber Products Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products:FTTA solutions, PLC splitters, fiber optic patch cords, fiber optic cables, and converters.


Shenzhen Spring Optical Communication has been in fiber optic technology for more than 10 years and offers passive fiber optic materials followed by FTTH network solutions. The company ensures the manufacturing of products that are equipped with the certification of ISO standards.


They have been developing improved methodologies and production processes for their fiber optic solutions equipped with innovations. Their production capacity is spread over 9000 square meters, over which more than 300 employees work around the clock to ensure the manufacturing of fine fiber optic products for various businesses and their applications.


The workforce team at Spring Optical is equipped with needed training and global experiences, which helps them manufacture products that are up to the mark and equipped with endless experience.

7. Shenzhen Opelink Technology

Fiber Optic Products Supplier

  • Location:Shenzhen, China
  • Year Founded:2013
  • Company Type:Optical Fiber Products Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products:Optical isolator, passive series of products, WDM, patch cord, optical circulator.


Shenzhen Opelink Technology manufactures and supplies fiber components, both passive and active. They offer a wide range of product lines, including SFP modules, optical amplifiers, optical passive equipment, and much more.


At Opelink, every manufacturing stage is equipped with stringent quality control, and these products ensure networking solutions are up to the mark. Apart from China, we also supply products to our clients in the USA, South Korea, France, and multiple other countries.


8. Fibramerica

Fiber Optic Products Supplier

  • Location:Fujian, China
  • Year Founded:2019
  • Company Type:Optical Fiber Products Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products:Optic Fiber cables, ethernet tools, transceivers, FTTH products, etc.


Fibramerica has been manufacturing fiber optic networking products for the past many years, and apart from China, they have a worldwide position maintained with exceptional customer service and a seamless production line.


The company is known to offer products equipped with ISO9001 international standards, and they have been committed to delivering excellence-oriented fiber optic products. Their solutions are used worldwide by enterprise networks, telecom industries, and data centers.


They are innovative and tend to manufacture advanced products by consistently keeping in touch with technological advancements through their rich and robust research and development team. They provide the world with seamless fiber optic solutions and ensure that the clients’ budgets are met, and their requirements are accurately customized.


9. Shenzhen DYS Fiber Optic Technology

Fiber Optic Products Supplier

  • Location:Shenzhen, China
  • Year Founded:2009
  • Company Type:Optical Fiber Products Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products:FTTH series, FTTA series, WDM, fiber optic cables etc.

When looking at the finest fiber optic products manufacturers and suppliers in China, the name of Shenzhen DYS Fiber Optic Technology takes the lead, and the company is known to produce multiple products used in fiber optic networks.


They have ample experience and a considerable production capacity spread over 3500 square meters and more than 200 well-trained professionals, and they have made a prominent position worldwide in delivering fiber optic products. Looking at their production lines, you will find 5 of them for fiber optic cables. 8 for the standard jumper and 8 for the PLC splitters.


They have also been awarded the title of National High-Tech Enterprise by the government of China in the year 2014. They tend to offer ISO-certified fiber optic products and, apart from China, also deal with other countries around the globe.


10. Wolon Cloud Network Communication Technology

Fiber Optic Products Supplier

  • Location:Wuhan, China
  • Year Founded:2010
  • Company Type:Optical Fiber Products Manufacturing Company
  • Main Products:HDMI AOC, MPO fiber, CWDM DWDM etc.


Wolon Cloud Network Communication Technology is located in Wuhan, China, and has been manufacturing fiber optic products since 2010. They have experience of more than ten years and comprises above 350 workers in its three branches. This company is one of the largest fiber optics product manufacturers in China.


They have consistently manufactured fiber optic products, including fiber optic cable, WDM multiplexers, fiber optic splice closure, and multiple other FTTH products. Their products are equipped with ISO9001 and TLC certification, and they have been exporting their products to markets in Europe, Asia, and India, followed by other countries.



1. What are the critical considerations when choosing a fiber optic network products supplier?

Ans. When choosing a supplier for your fiber optic products, you must assess the supplier’s reputation, the customer feedback they may have received, the quality of the products, and whether they comply with international quality standards.


2. What are the common types of fiber optic products supplied by Chinese suppliers and manufacturers?

Ans. The fiber optic products commonly supplied comprise multimode and single-mode fiber optic cables, fiber optic switches, optical transceivers, PLC splitters, etc.


3. How long does a Chinese manufacturer usually take to deliver products?

Ans. The time taken by a Chinese manufacturer depends on various aspects like your location, which will consider shipping time, the kind of product you want, the volume of the product, and the tailored requirements you might have incorporated. The lead times can be discussed during the contract between the customer and supplier.


4. Can I have customized fiber optic products according to my business application?

Ans. Most manufacturers provide customized fiber optic products manufactured according to your business requirements and suitability. However, you need to communicate about the tailored aspects you need beforehand while entering into a contract with them.



The guide above must have familiarized you with the top 10 Chinese companies manufacturing fiber optic products. If you are still confused, you can contact HYDTechnology, and you will get a hold of the right products tailored to your specific requirements.


We also ensure to provide you with ODM, OEM, and ODM services, so to grab high-quality fiber optic products, get in touch with us today!


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