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Fiber Network Company China: The Ultimate Guide

Fiber networking is one of the primary considerations that prove essential for numerous optical communication industries. If you are looking forward to knowing more about the fiber network company in China, which is the ultimate choice, and have some queries regarding it, you are at the right place.


Below, we have discussed everything you might need to know about the fiber network company in China; this guide answers all your queries on this subject. So, let’s read below.


1.      What is a fiber network company, and what does it specialize in?

Ans. A fiber network company carries out the job of designing, operating, and installing the fiber optic network. The fiber optic comprises strands of fibers that lead to data transmission in the form of light pulses. Such networks are known for their transmission capabilities and can transmit high-speed and high-capability data.


The main aim of the company offering this service lies in managing the fiber optics infrastructure and laying the cables at different locations that help transmit data over longer distances.

The fiber network company carries out different tasks, and some of these are as follows:


  • The company carries out the tasks of designing, planning, and installing the fiber optic cables at locations.
  • The layout and architecture of the fiber optic network also need to be designed and it helps with better and efficient performance.
  • The company will look into timely upgrading and maintaining the network to meet the technological requirements that are evolving with advancements.
  • Provide high-speed internet service and allow data transmission solutions to the clients.
  • Making the best use of optic network infrastructure helps provide telecommunication and voice services.

Fiber Network Company China

Figure 1: Fiber optic network

2.      How does a fiber network differ from traditional internet connections?

Ans. A fiber network is different from an internet connection in many ways, and some of these are discussed below:

  • Fiber optic networks use thin strands of fibers made using plastic or glass and transfer data as a light pulse at a very high speed. At the same time, the traditional connections use cables that may be made out of copper or are coaxial cables that transmit electrical signals and are slower than the fiber ones.
  • Fiber optic cable has high-speed internet and can offer 1000 Mbps or more, whereas the traditional ones have a speed limit due to the distance and congestion in the network.
  • Fiber optic cable offers low latency, so the response time is fast. Unlike traditional connections, they are equipped with high latency to make the performance more reliable.
  • Fiber optic signals can travel longer distances, so the signal quality doesn’t degrade, whereas the traditional ones may degrade over long distances.

3.      What advantages do fiber optics offer for businesses?

Ans. Fiber optics offer various advantages to businesses, and some of these advantages are as follows:

  • The transmission speed of fiber optics is very fast, and hence, it allows businesses to transfer files that are larger in no time, and the cloud-based applications are even accessed smoothly.
  • Fiber optics even support instant data transfer as they offer a low level of latency. Hence, it suits real-time applications like financial transactions, video conferencing, etc.
  • Fiber optic networks are equipped with a secure and reliable range of data and have room for upgrading; hence, in the future, if the bandwidth requirement increases, they can be scaled up easily.
  • The fiber optics’ high speed and low latency allow excellent access to cloud-based applications.
  • Installing the fiber optic network costs more than the traditional ones. Still, these fiber optics even offer long-term benefits like they need less maniac, have low cost of operation, and provide excellent performance, which adds up to a benefit.

Fiber Network Company China

Figure 2: Advantages of fiber optic network

4.      Can HYD Technology provide customized fiber solutions for my company’s needs?

Ans. HYD Technology is a leading name in the fiber optic networking field, and they offer customized fiber optic solutions for your company’s specific needs. They can customize the speed, bandwidth, architecture, and network scalability according to your company’s equipment.


HYD Technology specializes in fiber solutions and hence has the expertise to implement, maintain, and design fiber optic networks based on the demand of their clients.


Fiber Network Company China

Figure 3: Customized fiber optic solutions

5.      How can I determine if my business location is eligible for HYD Technology’s fiber network services?

Ans. To determine whether your business selection is eligible for HYD Technology’s fiber network services or not, you can consider the following options:

  • You can check out the website of HYD Technology, where you will get an insight into the service areas and learn about the locations they cover.
  • You can also directly contact the company by calling or emailing them and informing them about your location. They will let you know if they have been offering services in your area.
  • You can request a survey to your site where their team will come and evaluate if there is a possibility for installing the fiber network after assessing your infrastructure.

6.      What is the installation process for a fiber network at my business location?

Ans. The installation process of a fiber network at your business location is equipped with many stages, and these are discussed below:

  • A team initially comes over for a site survey before committing to any installation to evaluate the network’s existing infrastructure.
  • After the survey, depending on your requirements, the company will design a network solution that meets your business needs by customizing it.
  • There might be a requirement to obtain a permit from the local authorities before installing the fiber optic infrastructure at different locations.
  • The installation occurs by installing the fiber optic cables either underground or on the utility poles; it helps cover the designated path based on the infrastructure provided.
  • Equipment like ONT, switches, routers, and other devices will be installed on your business premises, and the cable and network will be tested in terms of speed, quality, and reliability.
  • Internal systems are integrated where LAN and other components are integrated for better operation.

Fiber Network Company China

Figure 4: Installation process of fiber network

7.      How reliable is HYD Technology’s fiber network for mission-critical operations?

Ans. The fiber network of HYD Technology is highly reliable because the robust network and low latency offered in their fiber optic network provide a confidential transmission in critical operations. It is equipped with resistance to interference and has robust disaster recovery plans using advanced technology.

8.      Can I expect dedicated support for my business after installation?

Yes, HYD Technology offers consistent support for its clients even after installing the fiber optic network, and there are different ways they provide this support, as discussed below:

  • They offer consistent technical support for all kinds of network issues with the help of a dedicated team of professionals who are there to answer all your queries.
  • HYD Technology also offers consistent customer support to ensure that you will be answered 24/7 for any problem you encounter, and it comprises diagnosing issues, updating systems, and maintaining the network.
  • Regular maintenance and updates are offered to equip your network with the latest evolving technology.

9.      What security measures are in place to protect my business’s data over the fiber network?

Ans. HYD Technology would take numerous security measures to ensure that your business data is safe, and some of these are as follows:

  • Data that is being transmitted over an optical network fiber is always equipped with encryption, and hence, it ensures that it remains secure and nobody can read it.
  • VPN is added as a layer of encryption, further securing the data transfer.
  • Authentic mechanisms and access controls are implemented, and only authorized personnel can access them.
  • Firewalls are employed at the network’s entry and exit points, which help monitor and control the network traffic, blocking unauthorized access.

Fiber Network Company China

Figure 5: Security measures of fiber optic network

10. How scalable does HYD Technology offer the fiber network service, and can it accommodate future growth?

Ans. Fiber optics networks offered by HYD Technology are highly scalable, and in the future, they can easily accommodate the growth of your network. The fiber optic cables they use are equipped with sufficient bandwidth capacity to handle the significant increase in data traffic.

The equipment used in the networks is even upgradable and can easily be scaled without any significant infrastructure changes.

11. What industries or types of businesses benefit the most from your fiber network services?

Ans. Numerous industries can make the most of fiber network services, and some of these are as follows:

  • The IT companies need high-speed internet, and it helps to allow them to develop applications and software providing IT services. These fiber networks help them with seamless data transfer and operations.
  • Financial institutions need a high-speed connection followed by low latency to support real-time transaction processes; hence, the fiber networks help them.
  • The healthcare sector needs a fast and reliable connection for real-time communication and sharing of medical images and other data.

Several other industries tend to use fiber networks, including media, entertainment, educational institutions, and many more.

Fiber Network Company China


Figure 6: Applications of fiber optic network

12. How does HYDTechnology compare in terms of pricing and affordability in the market?

Ans. HYD Technology is an affordable fiber network provider; however, there are certain factors on which the cost of the services may depend. Aspects like customization of fiber network, required bandwidth, location, and contract terms determine the price. Moreover, the high performance and reliability expected also lead to increased prices.


Usually, different packages may accommodate different sizes of business, and based on our business size, the speed and reliability will vary, and so will the price of the package.

13. What kind of service-level agreements (SLAs) can I expect from HYD Technology?

Ans. The SLA from HYD Technology may vary depending on the kind of service opted for; however, the usual SLA will have details of uptime guarantees, packet loss, resolution time, data security, planned maintenance schedules, latency, and assurance of service and performance.

14. Can I bundle other services like VoIP or cloud solutions with your fiber network services?

Ans. You can bundle other services like cloud solutions and VoIP with our fiber network services. This form of bundling comes with multiple advantages, including saving costs and excellent integration of business solutions equipped with high-speed and reliable internet, followed by cloud and VoIP solutions for data storage.

Fiber Network Company China

Figure 7: Bundling with other services

15. Are any special promotions or discounts available for long-term contracts or multiple locations?

Ans. We have a sales team responsible for planning any discounts and promotions for long-term contracts, so you can contact them and inquire about such promotions.

16. How does the installation process impact my business operations during the transition to a fiber network?

Ans. The process of installation of a fiber network may have some impact on your business operation, and some of these comprise the following:

  • There may be some downtime because the old infrastructure of the network will either be replaced or upgraded.
  • New equipment will be set up, which may affect internet access for some time.
  • When there is a transition from one network to another, the data is also migrated, and this causes the daily operations to stop for a while.
  • After the installation process has been completed, the testing is essential for a proper function; for this, some adjustments may be needed.

17. What equipment will be required for my business to use HYD Technology’s fiber network?

Ans. There are different forms of equipment that you may need for your business when using HYD Technology’s fiber networks, and these are as follows:

  • An optical network terminal, also known as ONT, is a device that converts signals from the fiber optic cable to electrical signals so that the network equipment may use it.
  • The router is also essential because it helps connect multiple devices to the network and helps manage the LAN traffic.
  • Switches connect various devices within the network, and they help ensure efficient data transfer.
  • A firewall is an essential requirement because it helps to protect the network from all kinds of unauthorized access and is necessary to safeguard data.
  • Network cabling helps connect the devices to the network and is very important. Moreover, if you have opened for VoIP service, you will need relevant VoIP phones.

Fiber Network Company China

Figure 8: Equipment used in fiber optic network

18. When switching to your service, Can I keep my phone numbers and email addresses?

Ans. The ability to have the phone numbers and email addresses the same as the existing ones when opting for HYD Technology services will depend on the nature of service you have with the current providers.


Phone numbers usually can be retained by opting for a number porting process, and HYD Technology offers it; however, it may cost you a little. As far as email addresses are concerned, they can also be retained, provided that you can carry out a smooth transition between HYD Technology and the current provider of your network service.


19. What sets HYD Technology apart from other fiber network providers regarding service quality and customer support?

Ans. HYD Technology has gained significant pride in making itself the pioneer in the networking field. Many aspects of their services set them apart from the other network service providers.


The quality of the network infrastructure ensures reliability and fast and high-performing service that is competitive enough to cater to businesses. Their fiber network is equipped with high uptime, low lactic, and high speed with reliability and confidentiality. You can vouch them for their consistent and extensive customer support, available 24/7.


20. How do I contact HYD Technology to discuss a customized solution for my business’s needs?

Ans. You can contact HYD Technology to discuss a customized solution by visiting their website and contacting them. You will find a contact form on their website where you may leave your details, and they will contact you.


Moreover, you can also email them, call them, or get in touch with them on their WhatsApp number and discuss your requirements for a customized solution.


Their team will get in touch with you to discuss your concerns and will provide you with the package details that are suitable according to your networking requirements. HYD Technology has a robust sales team that actively guides its clients.


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