ETU Service Card

Product Overview

HYD Technology has designed a business card named ETU to allow communication of the metropolitan area network broadband; it is a photoelectric converter.

This converter has two SFP optical ports and comprises two network interfaces with 10M/100M/1000M with RJ45 adaptation. It also has an indicator light, and this interface can support the automatic transformation of MDI/MDIX entirely or with half duplex.

The main task carried out by this equipment is to utilize the conversion of network and optical fiber cable allowing long-distance and high-speed ethernet for the users working in a group. It leads to ensuring speedy interaction between computer data networks.

The distances ranging between 20 KM, 40 KM, and 60 KM can be covered through this device over an optical fiber interface and thus could be used in multiple other network devices. The product facilitates network signals and is used in data communication fields like conference systems, security monitoring, etc.

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