DWDM Open Line System

Product Overview

1000 OLS is a DWDM networking platform designed by HYD Technology to assist the DCI based on modern data. This system is compatible with PAM4 and all kinds of coherent DWDM interfaces offering a plug-and-play setup to conduct the network applications.

The simplicity of this platform is almost the same as a passive multiplexer. When it comes to other value-adding features, it can monitor the traffic in case of long distances but can amplify the signals and even handle the protocols of high data rates. 

It comprises the features required to carry out the complex networking needed by DWDM platforms and has a 1U module, which offers full integration through plug-and-play. When choosing this device, there is no need for having separate traffic cards, amplifiers, management, or wiring in between the modules that cause a mess. 

It is a one-stop solution with everything within itself to carry out excellent configuration and supports bigger systems. The traffic transmission of the transmission system is backed with OLP protection and has everything that an open-line network platform would offer, supporting all types of protocols.

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