What is data center interconnect(DCI BOX)?

With the rapid development of enterprise informatization, the evolution of business IT and network IP progresses by leaps and bounds. Enterprise networks are constantly expanding, accommodating a wide range of business types, and thus demanding massive bandwidth. WDM technology, known for its high capacity and long-distance coverage, is widely utilized in metropolitan backbone, aggregation, and access networks to meet the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements.

Introducing the OTNS8600 series, a groundbreaking product by HYD TECHNOLOGY that addresses various challenges faced by industry clients in planning, construction, and maintenance. Our solution provides customers with a reliable, flexible, and efficient high-bandwidth transport solution, ensuring seamless operations.

Data center interconnection (DCI) serves as the fundamental unit that forms the core of a data center infrastructure:

Computing, storage, and connectivity are the essential building blocks of a data center. Among them, connectivity encompasses the crucial aspect of Data Center Interconnect (DCI).

data center interconnect
data center interconnect

Why do we need data center interconnect (DCI BOX)?

With the advent of cloud-based distributed data center deployments, the need for data transmission between data centers has become imperative. DCI serves as a critical component in transferring sensitive and crucial data traffic between data centers, enabling seamless connectivity and efficient data transmission.

Why choose WDM for DCI?

When it comes to Data Center Interconnect (DCI), utilizing Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology brings significant advantages. WDM enables the simultaneous transmission of multiple data streams over a single optical fiber by dividing the fiber into different wavelengths or channels. Here’s why WDM is an ideal choice for DCI:


Enhanced Bandwidth:

WDM offers high-capacity transmission, allowing for the efficient utilization of available fiber resources. With the ability to multiplex and transmit multiple data streams simultaneously, WDM significantly increases the bandwidth capacity for data center connectivity.


WDM is highly scalable, accommodating the growing demands of data center networks. As data traffic increases, WDM can easily expand by adding additional wavelengths, providing a future-proof solution that can adapt to evolving requirements.

Long-distance Reach:

WDM technology supports long-distance transmission, making it suitable for interconnecting data centers located in different geographical regions. It ensures reliable and efficient data transfer over extended distances, facilitating seamless communication between data centers.


WDM offers flexibility in network design and deployment. It enables the integration of various services and protocols, allowing for the smooth coexistence of different applications and facilitating the consolidation of multiple services onto a single network infrastructure.

By leveraging WDM for DCI, businesses can achieve high-speed, scalable, and reliable connectivity between data centers, empowering them to meet the ever-increasing demands of data transmission in a cost-effective manner.

Key Features and Capabilities of DCI Solutions

DCI (Data Center Interconnect) solutions offer a range of critical features and capabilities to meet the connectivity needs of modern data centers. Here are some key attributes:

1. High Bandwidth: DCI solutions provide high-capacity bandwidth to facilitate seamless and rapid data transmission between data centers. This enables efficient sharing of large volumes of data and supports data-intensive applications and services.

2. Low Latency: DCI solutions minimize latency, ensuring quick data transfer between data centers. Low-latency connectivity is vital for real-time applications, high-frequency trading, cloud services, and other latency-sensitive operations.

3. Scalability: DCI solutions are designed to scale and accommodate the expanding needs of growing data centers. They offer flexibility for adding new connections, increasing bandwidth, and integrating additional services as data traffic and business requirements evolve.

4. Security: DCI solutions prioritize data security by implementing robust encryption mechanisms and security protocols. This ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of sensitive information transmitted between data centers.

5. Resilience and Reliability: DCI solutions are built to provide high availability and reliability. They incorporate redundancy and failover mechanisms to minimize downtime and ensure continuous data connectivity, even in the event of network failures.

6. Flexibility in Network Architecture: DCI solutions offer flexible network architecture options, including point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and mesh topologies. This allows businesses to design and implement customized network configurations based on their specific requirements.

7. Long-Distance Connectivity: DCI solutions enable the interconnection of geographically dispersed data centers over long distances. They leverage advanced transmission technologies and optical networking capabilities to achieve reliable and high-performance connectivity across extended distances.

By leveraging these key features and capabilities, DCI solutions empower organizations to establish robust, secure, and scalable connections between data centers, enabling efficient data sharing, disaster recovery, workload migration, and resource optimization across geographically distributed infrastructures.

Leveraging years of accumulated expertise in network construction and operations, HYD TECHNOLOGY has designed the OTN optical transport network platform specifically for data center interconnectivity. It is exceptionally well-suited for handling massive bandwidth requirements, enabling us to collaborate with our clients in addressing their challenges and promoting the advancement of the entire DCI industry. Together, we strive to enhance the development and upliftment of the DCI sector, utilizing our extensive experience and tailored solutions to meet the needs of our valued customers.

DIC BOX: Tailored for Data Center Facilities

Introducing DIC BOX, a specialized solution designed specifically for data center environments.

Introduction to DCI Equipment Racks

Our DCI equipment racks are purpose-built to meet the demands of data center interconnectivity. These racks provide a reliable and efficient infrastructure for housing and organizing DCI devices, ensuring optimal performance and ease of maintenance. With robust construction and thoughtful design, our DCI equipment racks offer the ideal solution for deploying and managing your DCI equipment in a streamlined and professional manner.

DCI Equipment Board Inventory

200G Muxponder(P512)

Application Scenarios of 200G Muxponder (P512)

Electrical Layer Board: 200G Muxponder (P514S)

Application Scenarios of 200G Muxponder (P514)

Electrical Layer Board: 400G Muxponder(P616)

Application Scenarios of 400G Muxponder

Electrical Layer Board:  MUX48

Electrical Layer Board:  MUX96

Application Scenarios of MUX48/96

Optical Layer Board: OTA

Application Scenarios of Optical Layer Board OTA

Optical Layer Board: OLP

Application Scenarios of Optical Layer Board: OLP

Application Scenarios of Optical Layer Board: OP

Optical Layer Board:  OTDR

Application Scenarios of Optical Layer Board:  OTDR

Optical Layer Board: OCM

Application Scenarios of Optical Layer Board:  OCM

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