5G Front-haul Semi-active Equipment

Product Overview

5G communication is developing leaps and bounds, and hence there is a requirement to deploy the 5G base stations on a larger scale. The base station’s coverage needs the deployment locations to be close to users. 

In the case of a front haul solution, the direct driver fiber between AAU and DU leads to problems like lack of fiber resources, high cost of cable construction, and time and difficulty in the cable expansion.

HYD Technology offers its 1000 series equivalents to resolve the issues usually faced by optical cable resources. It will resolve the issue of a longer span of construction as well as the high cost that occurs due to the direct drive between DU and AAU in 5G C-RAN architecture.

On the DU side of this module, it has active WDM equipment, and the AAU side has a passive WDM. Moreover, it has color optical modules which help form the unified control of management that offers PC-side and client-side-based APP methods for network management. 

It provides exemplary reliability of the protection functions and enables the deployment of 5G haul with a lower cost and quick deployment.

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