Product Overview

HYD Technology‘s 1000DCI-2 is a module that offers a very high transmission rate for the DWDM, hence supporting the large capacity and multi-service for all networking applications. It is suitable for data center interconnection and works well for internet enterprises. 

It goes well with the metropolitan area network as a convergence layer, allowing the long-distance network transmission applications to work efficiently. It has a 2U chassis and hence comprises 8 slots for the general service, with the single slot performance being highly feasible that it meets the needs of different services. 

It can adopt the hardware architecture, which is advanced and, at the same time, has no design for the mid-board. Hence it has improved heat dissipation and ventilation, offering a single slot capacity ranging from 800 Gbps. This system overall supports the 3.2 tbps electrical layer for processing, providing customers with multiple transmission solutions with different practices, distances, and applications for their businesses. 

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