1U 3.2TDCI BOX (QSFP-DD to CFP2 400G)

Product Overview

HYD Technology has designed very advanced equipment for the data center interconnect, which offers service access to a vast capacity. It can cover very long distances, is also very simple and easy to maintain and manage with reliable operation, and helps save energy, leading to lesser emissions. The demands of operators, cloud service providers, and ISP companies meet with this module very effectively.

It has a height of 1U in terms of the single sub-rack, and then there is a wavelength conversion card that supports the 400G 2xCFP2 DCO where its client-side supports the 2xQSFP-DD access with the line side support of 400G 2xCFP2 DCO access. It has a very accurate and open network structure for users.

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