1U 1.6TDCI BOX (2*QSFP28 to CFP2 200G)

Product Overview

HYD Technology has launched a leading data center product that is highly innovative and caters to a very extensive capacity service area. It is a suitable platform for transmissions that are high long distance, and also it is very convenient and easy to use, providing easy maintenance and operation management. 

It offers a reliable operation and also reduces emissions by saving energy. This module meets the demand of all the ISP companies and their operators followed by the cloud service providers and all such users that need to be connected to the data center interconnect.

In the module, the height of one sub-rack amount to 1U, and the conversion of a single wavelength is supported by a card of 2xCFP2DCO 100G or 200G. The client-side support 4xQSFP28 access and the line side supports 2xCFP2DCO 100 and 200 G access. It creates a very ideal intelligent and open network setup for the customers.

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