100G CFP2 Transceiver Module

Product Overview

HYD Technology has launched a CFP2 transceiver module compatible with the ITU-T G.959.1 2012, CFP2 MSA, and IEEE802.3ba standard provides a rate of transmission that is 112 Gbps. It comprises lower power consumption and offers a high-speed feature compatible with applications like ethernet and OTU4. .

This optical module being a multimode model, comprises ten channels of 11.18 Gbps with VCSEL laser array transmitters and 10 PIN photodetector array receivers; the OM3 multimode fiber offers a transmission distance of 300M, and the OM4 multimode provides a distance of 400M. 

The module with single mode offers a four-channel LAN-WDM optical signal, and it gets multiplexed to 112Gbps and comes as an output from the transmitter via SMF. When the receiver receives this signal as input, it demultiplexes the signal in 4 channels of LAN-CWDM of 28Gbps. 

PIN light detectors receive these signals, can reach a transmission distance of 40 km, and can be used in applications like data center switches and other ethernet devices.

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