100G CFP Transceiver Module

Product Overview

HYD Technology has designed a 100G CFP transceiver module, which complies with the standards of CFP MSA and IEEE802.3ba, allowing the total transmission rate to reach 111.8 Gbps. It offers a lower power consumption level and provides a high feature rate compatible with the applications of OTN OTU4 and Ethernet. 

The optical modules use 111.18Mbps channels of VCSEL laser array and, simultaneously, ten array receivers of PIN photodetectors. The transmission distances offered by the OM3 multimode fiber allow for reaching 100M, and the OM4 transmission module reaches 400 M. It has a single mode module and uses a LAN-WDM of 4 channels of optical signals, and these are multiplexed to 111.8Gbps. 

The receiver receives these 111.8Gpbs signals as input and then demultiplexes them to LAN-CWDM of 4 channels of 28Gbps. It is received by the PIN photodetector and can cover the transmission distance of 10 km. It can be used for the ethernet devices like switches, data centers, and routers.

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